Sunday, January 2, 2011

GoodBye 2010 Hello 2011

Well hello welcome to 2011 ! A warm wishes to everyone welcoming 2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U ALL !

Sorry for the late entry...juz been kinda lazy wanna blog things out haha well anyways
lets see i think i'll start off this entry talking about how my december 2010 ended and i tend to make things here simple coz i'm juz so damn lazy to write things up like a diary or something and yea its gonna be a looooooong post

MY DECEMBER what was goin on and whats not lol

1st of all its about

Well this is my 3rd time participating hobbycon and my 2nd time cosplaying.
As u all know i cosplayed as a Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Dark Angel that was finished exactly around 10am on 1st day hobbycon...yea kinda epic but at least i managed to get it done ! lol

Here's the team who i team up with
Grey Knights - Rendy
Saint Celestine - Jna
Space Marine Dark Angel - Myself
Space Marine Blood Angel - Addy

Respect to all of you for we have made this cosplay a success and a dream come true i might say lol

And so i joined the solo competition for the 1st time and yea i won lolwut ? Well my biggest credits goes to these guys in this photo who made this cosplay possible and a reality and besides i joined the competition not only for these people...also the people at muzz neighbourhood....i did this for them....some i just barely knew 1 day and they helped me without asking back anything ....most of us slept so late around 3-4 am and some didn't sleep at all for like what ? 3 days ? i'm very thankful for u all who has helped with this cosplay

Shiv3r - For ze awesome big sized Bolter
Muzz - You are like a blessing from the emperor appeared at the right time at the time of need to help me finish most of the parts
Colin - The painter who has gone thru hell n back with me just so you,me,muzz and the rest of muzz's neighbourhood that helped to get this cosplay done and ready to go

Not only that but my team and so yea we called ourselves Random 40k joined the group competition was awesome to have a team of armored type cosplays and yea u all know the drill ...we won the group competition too and trolled everyone with our skit because everyone thought we were gonna do like a serious in the far far grim darkness of future war skit or something hahaha

Here is all of us

Here's the skit on the 2nd round of the group competition...Enjoy it and have a good laugh

Photo's and video all credits goes to the respective owners...plz forgive me i kinda forgot who i already asked permission for use...but i'll remove it if its not to your liking of me using your photo or video

Ok done with that
2nd thing i wanna talk about is

Hell yes....this is my 1st ever goin to Comic Fiesta n goin to KL again after like maybe 4-5 years didn't go ? lol
Sadly enough i did not manage to bring my cosplay to this event and lucky i didn't or else it would have eaten alot of costs lol well lets forget about that and move

Comic Fiesta for me was big...really big many cosplayers around...and it was so crowded i was lucky to bring an extra t-shirt to change since i was sweating bullets lol

I didn't managed to take a picture inside the hall though...i mean like its so crowded! you gotta be there yourself then you know hahaha

Comic Fiesta Day 1

Well eventually me and akito(zach) was wondering around till we took this 1st picture a cosplayer from the game Chrono Cross ( sorry i forgot the character name lol but i recognise her costume )

I also bumped into Danny Choo ! ( hahaha juz kidding thats just SolomonWiseFreeman by the way if any of you knows him )

Also Ki-Chan! omg long time didn't see her in person...too bad i missed taking a picture of her when she was cosplaying as Megurine Luka Maid version ARGHHHH well since i am a big fan of Megurine Luka anyways hehe

Well i ain't gonna post everyone picture of my 1st day CF...but you all can view the album here

Comic Fiesta Day 2

Yet another epic day to this great event

I'll juz post some random pics in the 2nd day of the album

Ki-chan again ! This time managed to take a picture with her while cosplaying as sheryl nome on the 2nd day >.<

Also met Mbek biri-biri coz on the 1st day i also missed out on her cosplay haha

Detroit Metal City HELL YEA!

This was an AWESOME Kamen Rider Kiva cosplay to be honest its very detailed but he was kinda hard to move when he cosplayed this but still respects to him for making this cosplay ! ( yea ada org di tengah perasan mau HENSHIN Kamen Rider Black LOL! )

And oh yea i was being a bad boy during CF coz i sorta pwned someone ? Ohoho pardon me for being evil for a while this picture tells it all when my meido's punished me for being naughty

Rest of the 2nd day album can be found here

Anyways CF for me ? It was hell lots of fun....Might be goin again this year since its their 10th anniversary if i am not mistaken ?

Comic Fiesta Pictures all credits goes to Akito Miku and chocotop lol

Till Then This KiR4 Signing off

See you all on CF'11 (maybe)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Racists Rising in sabah?

Hello all today something really unexpected and it is something the most thing i never wanted to happen here in our beloved Kota Kinabalu Sabah......


How i encountered this crap ?

Well i was at centerpoint....walking around with my friends cubex,rudy and we wanted to have a look see of some stuffs....and a visit to daiso.....After that they wanted to go to Eatons as they wanted to buy some stuffs like i told them i was goin to the toilet and well might as well have a smoke for a while.....

So we went our seperate ways for a while.....

And here where it i soon as i was outside..3rd floor near the arcades...i light up my cigarette and puffed my smoke.....there was this 3 guys which i don't know whats their race is ...and they seemed to be smoking too...
I didn't care actually ...i juz wanted to have my smoke and mind my own happened the moment that one of the dumb ass saw me and suddenly raised his voice and said to his friends

"Ei tidak apa bah kan tidak kaya...janji ada kerja dapat makan...dapat hidup..asal ada lah...Bukan mcm orang2 cina ni...kaya mahu mampus...tahu minta duit ibu bapa saja.....tapi ni orang cina ni kan...tiada apa2 juga tu...bagus dorang balik negara asal la......jgn lupa ini TANAH MELAYU ! TANAH BUMIPUTERA! ( I went laughing in my heart since i didn't wanted to anger him or anything .... Lol what ? Tanah Melayu ? Tanah Bumiputera? What fark crap is this dude talking about ? Since when is this crap is happening in our beloved sabah ? For 27 years i've been living in sabah this is the 1st time ever i heard from a primitive minded soul being so racist )

Then it got me thinking ... why do i feel like this scene is so familiar...especially when he said "bagus dorang (cina) balik negara asal"...LOLWUT ? sounds familiar ain't it ?

And from the looks of it...i was blurred why so suddenly he raised his voice and talking this crap...then i think...probably because i look chinese ? Lol oh boy dude if you ever knew i was Bumiputera and Muslim...i don't know how stupidly uneducated farking person you can ever be.....

Somemore the way he said his words was full of if he is complaining his life is not good....not being rich and all...well here's my advice to you....IF YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR LIFE THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT STUPID !

And so feeling rather unsafe alone while they were like 5 people of them...i juz smoked half my cigarette and went back in to find my friends

Feeling abit safe inside while walking to Eatons...this accident got me thinking...its 2010...yet we still have this kind of people in our country....its so sad to see that the other races have advanced well and following the flow of time change....but this dude omg....

Well the good thing is nothing bad happened to me thank god....but yeah looks like i'll be avoiding going around alone in certain area since it seems its not safe anymore

1 Malaysia ? Hoo boy how failed that is when you can see racist is on the rise in Sabah now.....

Till Then This KiR4 Signing off !

Friday, October 8, 2010

My First !

Hello all its been a while since i've last updated my blog ROFL sorry been kinda busy with life nowdays

How ya all been ? Well today i'm taking some time to update my outdated blog that has not been written anything to it for quite some time >.<

What have i been doing ? Well today i was at kirameki cafe as usual for my addiction to play board games....and yea hanging out at kirameki cafe is fun and next door to it is Hobby Densetsu where all the nendoroids,figma n such are being sold there

So the title says "My First !" ....First what ? Love ? Game ? nahh i'm juz kidding..actually today i bought something from Hobby Densetsu...which i myself couldn't believe i would buy these hahaha but then again i can't stop myself....since i'm such a big fan of DEATHNOTE so yea

What have i bought ???

*drums rolls*

its a........


DeathNote Nendoroid Petite !

This here is Light Yagami or Kira with this awesome sytche and he's the 1st nendoroid petite i ever bought in my life hahaha

Yea yea yea but i'm still a noob at collecting these...and i hope i don't fall getting addicted to buy them more in the future....But i know these are the kick start for them all MAYBE ! lol

After that i wasn't satisfied.....I saw the box has a misa nendoroid and its pretty cute ..... and seeing it there was a last box on shelf i decided to gamble n see what my luck would bring....

And alas...

What I got was....

Kira's main nemesis L ..... LOL ! Well i don't mind though since L is the enemy of Kira which left i'm trying to buy or get Misa on the next try >.<

Well i guess thats all from me for now....

Thanx for reading

Till then....this is KiR4 signing off !

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breeze Mag 2nd anniversary

Yesterday i attended BREEZE mag 2nd anniversary party and boy was it the best one ever hosted by Breeze mag !

The title for this year is Its time to shine says so on the picture

I've arrived earlier with Ripz n Jonathan around 8pm and suprisingly the crowd wasn't there yet

The party then kicked off with some very talented BBoy crew flown in from Brunei too bad i didn't take any pictures of them

And then DJ Leilei (correct me if i am wrong) started his awesome dj mixing which i liked very much......

Accompanying this beautiful singer also from brunei ( which i also forgot her name )

The girls then were asked to go up the stage to sing a birthday song each in their own way as it is BREEZE mag 2nd anniversary..... and oh girls.... don't worry... each and everyone of you i got em on video of you singing wuhuuuuuuuuuu

What was the result ??

Well Irene won 4th placing

Arnab Gaga won 3rd placing

And this edgar say won 1st place ROFL

Well i then started drinking session thx to Dasaru for his bottle of rum...i ordered myself some beers...and a few shots of vodka...well that made me just about tipsy but not drunk heh heh heh

I then took lotsa pictures with my friends....

With Alana ( chiaki sis ) , chiaki and bernard

With Irene and Jna

And this time with Jna and Arnab gaga

Of coz it wouldn't be complete taking pictures with the cspians group picture

We all had fun throughout the night....Dancing all the way with the beat of the music.....

Before i go i'll complete this blog with my P.I.M.P pictar

Dun play play.....and the P.I.M.P pictar saga will continue.........

All Pictures credits to Jonathan Lim

Till then this is KiR4 signing off !!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back To Sikul Event

Halo all ! Last week i attended a cool event hosted by together with and also Kadus Entertainment called "Back To Sikul"... yea they purposely wrote SIKUL hahaha

Well here i am in my school uniform which i can still fit into ! Hahaha thank god i lose a lot of weight >.<

I didn't take a lot of pics just a few of em with my new friends like Princess Dora here

With Dj Ayu and my friend Tom

This time with Dj SaliparJipun

And a few more with community

Throughout the whole event there were some games which i laughed so much i can cry because the jokes are too gg to handle lolz

We were also entertained by The Frontman Company,4 prince and Alvin MY which were all sabahan local talents and they can really really sing !

Well this is just a simple update for my blog hope u all enjoy reading it and before i go i just wanted to say

Oi boy apa tengok2 ? wakakaka

Pictures credits to Hadi @ Hardy budak nakal

Till then this is KiR4 signing off !

Monday, March 8, 2010

1 year later

Hello peeps ! been some time i've haven't updated my blog so might as well write something...

2 days ago i had a dream i wished i never dream off..... i dreamed about my ex of 3 years together..... every since then i've been such in a terrible state...Emo..jiwang...bad mood ... etc...etc..etc..whatever u might call it

Well all humans have this emotion right ? If you don't have those feelings then you're not human lol just kidding

Well thanx to god with a lil bit of prayers....and support from friends...i'm ok already....have max (yea the dude who works in internet arena) for thing he said he made me smile and laugh "Yus...i'm married yet i still dream of my ex sometimes" haha that really hit me and i burst into laughing....thx max you're a good friend

After a while i went home...and watched YESMAN .... the movie itself is quite entertaining with some very good quote's to be positive to face this cruel life world of ours....

Yes i am missing my ex....It doesn't matter where my road of fate to be ...But someone's gotta go...She couldn't have loved me better...I still wish for her happyness to move on...That is why i'm already gone from her life.....

Well i'm gonna end this blog update with this song by Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone

Till then this KiR4 signing off !

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1B Casual Cosplay Outing

So i was invited by sakuya chan who told me i was invited to join the H-Laws casual cosplay outing on the 20th february 2010.

Well everyone gathered at McDonalds around 12pm before we set off around 1B

This is all of us on the way to..........................

The Archery ! Its my 1st time here its fun to play and i might come again next time ^_^

And as i shoot !

You can see my score which is in the middle is PHAIL lol hey give me some chance its my 1st time will you *looks at rendy H-Laws arrows on the left*

After finishing our arrows the group then decided to head to the arcades....on the way there sakuya found an Awsum face at a cybercafe haha

Well here i am becoming the bag boy and stuff guardian for sakuya and irene alongside with rendy of H-Laws while they were playing some games

When they were done its me versus rendy turn to play games..and we were playing Battle Gear 3 hahaha

The group then headed to DAISO to look at some stuffs and all....You can also see tomodachi here says japanese product are number 1 lol

After all of that we decided to have some photoshoot for the fun of it...You can see here me and ripz continued our rivalry ( picture says it all for those who understand it lol )

And continued on the rivalry

But in the end i just facepalm ripz

I was then asked to pose like this by leanna and I like how nova took this picture

Until i saw miku was posing the same way...

I decided to confront her

For those who been reading up to this part ......I juz made this all up HAHAHAHAHAHA

It was almost 5pm when we took this picture....You can see my tired eyes already hahaha

Last but not least the outing is not complete without a group picture ^_^ ....some of the group isn't in this picture because they already went home...I hope we all can have a big group picture next time

Credits to nova and leanna for letting me borrowing the pics to post it up on my blog

Till then this KiR4 signing off !